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Oklahoma Police Chief Who Lost Job Because of Neo-Nazi Ties Gets Hired for New Police Job

A shoulder patch with a swastika
A neo-Nazis insignia on display during a 2015 rally.
John Moore/Getty Images

Bart Alsbrook resigned from his job as the then interim police chief of Colbert, Oklahoma a year ago after a local TV station uncovered videos where Alsbrook “is shown selling racist media online and talks his involvement in a skinhead group named Blood and Honour and a neo-Nazi group called Combat 18.”

Soon after Alsbrook got the Colbert police chief job, the Southern Poverty Law Center identified him in an image in “Blood & Honour: The Way Forward,” a “a future-facing manifesto authored by a member one of the largest networks of organized racist skinheads in the world.” Blood & Honour is, according to the SPLC, “a shadowy international coalition of racist skinhead gangs.”

“My life is utterly destroyed, there’s nothing left,” Alsbrook told KXII.

Not only was his life not utterly destroyed, his career in policing wasn’t either. Alsbrook was recently hired by the nearby Achille police department as a reserve officer. “Everyone has a past, some of which they may not be proud of, of which he is not. He wishes he never had those connections,” the town’s police chief Christopher Watson told KXII.

“The media and cameras have ruined that man’s name enough,” Watson told another local station.