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A Bunch of NYC Cops Arrested for Alleged Involvement in a Prostitution and Gambling Ring

New York City police vehicles blocking off a street in Manhattan
Seven officers were arrested, allegedly for providing protection for the prostitution and gambling ring.
File photo/Bryan R. Smith/Getty Images

Seven New York City police officers were arrested Wednesday for their alleged role in a prostitution ring, and “an estimated 40 others involved in the prostitution and gambling ring are also expected to be charged,” sources told the New York Daily News. One of the civilians arrested, the New York Post reported, “including a retired vice detective who is married to a prostitute.”

That couple, according to the Post, “opened multiple brothels” in Queens and Brooklyn. The Daily News reported that the officers who were arrested “allegedly provided protection for both a prostitution and a gambling ring.”

NYPD officers “stormed” a precinct in the Sunset Park neighborhood in Southern Brooklyn, the Post said. The investigation started in 2015 from a tip, ABC 7 News reported.