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That’s the First Straw

Ban-the-straw advocate Dune Ives wants to get rid of lots of plastics, not just the one in your iced tea.

Behold: plastic straws.

Olivier Morin/AFP/Getty Images

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On The Gist, how the breaking news machine bungled the Rod Rosenstein story.

In the interview, California is set to ban certain restaurants from serving straws unless customers ask for one. But given that straws represent a tiny fraction of the plastics choking our oceans, can initiatives like these really make a difference? Ban-the-straw advocate Dune Ives says targeting the straw is, in part, a way to move on to blocking other plastics from the world’s waste stream.

In the Spiel, the air is thick with terrible arguments both for and against Brett Kavanaugh.    

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