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The Angle: Dangerous Advice Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on publications as fact-checkers, harassment in medicine, and Lindsey Graham’s scary ideas.

Lee, Durbin, and Graham in a close huddle.
Sens. Mike Lee, Richard Durbin, and Lindsey Graham confer before the start of Brett Kavanaugh’s second day of Supreme Court confirmation hearings on Sept. 5.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Watch this man: Bob Woodward’s portrait of Lindsey Graham’s place at Donald Trump’s side should give us pause, Josh Keating writes. Graham used to be a Trump critic, but he seems to have left all that behind to gain influence, and the senator’s ideas about foreign policy are far from moderate.

Too far: Can Trump block the release of a report issued by Mueller using executive privilege, as his lawyer Rudy Giuliani said he might in Woodward’s book? Jessica Marsden and Andy Wright think this use of presidential power would be illegal.

Just one problem: The Weekly Standard’s assessment of a ThinkProgress article caused the latter to be marked “false” by Facebook, a fact that has infuriated liberals who can’t believe the platform is assigning fact-checking duties to a conservative publication. But, Will Saletan writes, the Standard wasn’t wrong.

Not uncommon: Les Moonves allegedly harassed his female doctor. Physicians Dara Kass and Jane van Dis write that, despite the inherent power differential in this scenario, this is much less unheard-of than you’d think.

For fun: Why I love Niyanka Jopra.

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