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Trump Wanted to Be Sworn In With Art of the Deal and Other Explosive Claims From Omarosa’s Book

Omarosa Manigault attends a nomination announcement at the East Room of the White House October 12, 2017 in Washington, D.C.
Omarosa Manigault attends a nomination announcement at the East Room of the White House on Oct. 12. Alex Wong/Getty Images

The former Apprentice villain turned White House staffer is ramping up publicity for her soon-to-be-released tell-all book that has several juicy tidbits to keep Washington talking even if many doubt the source of the information. Omarosa Manigault Newman, who once said critics of her former boss would one day be forced to “bow down to President Trump,” now calls him a “racist, bigot, and misogynist.” The book is set to officially be released Aug. 14 but a few media outlets managed to get a hold of early copies and Manigault Newman is set to make an appearance on Meet the Press Sunday to discuss Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House.


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called Manigault Newman’s book “riddled with lies and false accusations,” and Trump called her “a lowlife” during a photoshoot on Saturday.


Many have raised questions about Manigault Newman’s allegations. Frank Luntz says she claims someone told her he “heard Trump use the N-word.” He says the claims is “flat-out false” and Manigault Newman never made any effort to confirm it with him. Also, George Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s husband, raised doubts about Manigault Newman’s claims that Trump used racial epithets to slur him. And, in one particularly odd situation, Manigault Newman told NPR she heard the tape of Trump using the N-word, contradicting her book.

Much of the early attention on the book has focused on how Manigault Newman claims she has heard from others that the mythical tape of Trump using the N-word actually exists. In fact, she claims she was fired because of her “hunt for the tapes.” But there are also other explosive claims beyond Trump’s alleged use of racial slurs before he became president, according to the Guardian, the Daily Beast, and the Washington Post.

Trump Wanted to Use His Own Book for His Swearing-In

Manigault Newman claims Trump wanted to use his own business book at the swearing-in ceremony rather than the bible. “He asked me, ‘Omarosa, what do you think about me getting sworn in on The Art of the Deal?’ ” Manigault Newman writes. “I said, ‘Instead of the Bible?’ ” she allegedly said. “Yeah. The Art of the Deal is a bestseller!” Trump replied, according to her account. “It’s the greatest business book of all time. It’s how I’m going to make great deals for the country. Just think how many copies I’d sell—maybe a commemorative inauguration copy?!” She said he then played it off as a joke, but she knew he was serious.

The Weird Relationship Between Trump and His Daughter

The episode of Trump saying he would date his daughter if she wasn’t his daughter is well known. But Manigault Newman explores that strange relationship further and recounts a long break in filming Celebrity Apprentice when Gene Simmons talked openly about Ivanka Trump in front of her father. The two “engaged in language so profane, it would have raised eyebrows in prison. Donald asked Gene, ‘What do you think of Ivanka? How’s she doing?’ What followed was a vile exchange, right in front of Ivanka, with Gene Simmons talking about her in a room full of people. While leering openly at her breasts, he said, ‘She’s a very, very sexy, desirable young woman who I’m looking forward to getting to know much better if you know what I mean, with all due respect.’ ” Rather than shut him up, Trump egged him on.

Trump Chewed—and Swallowed—a Piece of Paper

Manigault Newman claims she took Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, into the Oval Office in early 2017 and saw the president eating a piece of paper. “I saw him put a note in his mouth,” she writes. “Since Trump was ever the germaphobe, I was shocked he appeared to be chewing and swallowing the paper. It must have been something very, very sensitive.”

In Bed With Fox News

Although the close relationship between Trump and Fox News is well-known, Manigault Newman claims it was much closer than many suspected. “A select Trump campaign mailing list received daily emails directly from a producer at Fox News that summarized the news of the day, broke down talking points and spin suggestions, and offer resources,” she writes in her book.

Trump Likes to Insult His Staff

Manigault Newman claims Trump calls Education Secretary Betsy DeVos “Ditzy DeVos” and Attorney General Jeff Sessions “Benjamin Button.” He also apparently wasn’t a big fan of Jared Kushner when he first started dating his daughter, calling him “a little sweet,” which was apparently his way of saying “gay.”

Trump Thinks His Son Is a “Fuckup”

When Donald Trump Jr. released emails about the now-infamous Trump Tower meeting, Manigault Newman claims she went to the president to talk to him about it. “He is such a fuckup. He screwed up again, but this time, he’s screwing us all, big-time!” Trump allegedly said.

Trump Was Napping When Heather Heyer Was Killed

“While the entire nation was glued to their TVs, outraged and terrified by what they were seeing, desperate for the strong hand of leadership, the president was napping.”

The White House Offered Her Money to Stay Quiet

Manigault Newman claims she was offered a $15,000-a-month contract to stay silent about her time in the White House after she was fired. She refused.

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