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The Angle: The Clinton Impeachment Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Slow Burn Season 2, asbestos, and the wellness industry.

Bill Clinton looking somber in front of a microphone.
Bill Clinton pauses a moment while being asked about former White House intern Monica Lewinsky on March 5, 1999, in the White House. STEPHEN JAFFE/Getty Images

Slow Burn: Season 2 is here! Leon Neyfakh explains why he’s diving into the Clinton impeachment scandal in the latest installment of the podcast. Listen and subscribe here.

Asbestos: Is the Trump administration really bringing back the dangerous carcinogen? Henry Grabar does some fact-checking.

Health-ish: The wellness-industrial complex—with its various supplements, detoxes, and crystals—is having a moment right now, and doctors and health care professionals aren’t holding back with their criticisms. But Rachelle Hampton points out that the medical establishment’s condescension isn’t helping the people who turned away from real doctors in the first place.

The good bots: Earlier this year, in response to revelations about Russian meddling, Twitter announced it would start cracking down on bots. Rob Dozier talks to some bot-makers about how the policy is taking the fun out of the social platform.

For fun: A mystery novel that stars Barack Obama and Joe Biden as hard-boiled super detectives? “It sounds, on its face, like a deadly dose of #resistance wish fulfillment,” but it’s better than you think, writes Andrew Kahn.

And thankfully, Trump rarely shows up,