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The Angle: The #SayHerName Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the QAnon community, Sarah Jeong’s tweets, and the death of Nia Wilson.

A memorial for Nia Wilson.
Lili Loofbourow

Not “the real racist”: After tech and legal journalist Sarah Jeong was hired to the New York Times’ editorial board, conservative trolls took some of her old tweets out of context to claim Jeong was racist against white people. Inkoo Kang takes issue with the pitchfork wielders.

“A familiar anxiety”: Nia Wilson was a young black woman who was attacked and killed on a BART platform in Oakland, California, last month. Rachelle Hampton reflects on feeling tense and anxious after hearing the news: “Wilson’s death was a justification I didn’t need for a fear that I already knew was founded.” Lili Loofbourow explains why Wilson’s death doesn’t feel like such a random act, when it took place in a country that doesn’t value black lives.

Conspiracies abound: What is QAnon and how big is its community? Jordan Weissmann shares his experience of getting pulled into its alternate universe this week.

The weather man: Daniel Engber breaks down why Trump’s nominee for science adviser probably won’t turn down the job, and why that might not be so bad either.

For fun: Why are we forcing female superheroes to wear terrible red wigs on screen?

With great power comes embarrassing dos, I guess,