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MoviePass Rolls Back Price Hike, Limits Users to Three Movies Per Month

Daya performs during a MoviePass event.
Daya performs onstage at a MoviePass event on April 19 at the Roxy Hotel in New York City.
Craig Barritt/Getty Images

MoviePass is $9.99 again—but for only three movies a month. MoviePass’s chief executive Mitch Lowe told the Wall Street Journal that the company would roll back a number of other changes it made recently in order to keep its parent company afloat. The new policies will go into effect on Aug. 15.

MoviePass is also scrapping the two-week blackout on new releases and surge-pricing surcharges for popular movies.

For users that want to see more than three movies a month, MoviePass will give them small discounts —$2 to $5— if they purchase the ticket using the app. Lowe told the Journal that some of the heaviest users should probably cancel the app and sign up for a separate program from AMC theaters that offers three movies a week for $19.95 a month.*

The company instituted the raft of surcharges and restrictions at the end of July as a surge of ticket buying ran the company dry, causing it to be unable to process ticket sales and have to secure what was essentially a corporate payday loan in order to stay in business. Lowe told the Wall Street Journal that the cancellation rate doubled but has since gone down.

Correction, Aug. 6, 2018: This piece originally misstated the terms of AMC’s subscription program. It is three movies a week for $19.95, not three movies a month.