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The Angle: The Sleep Deprivation Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on lessons from Elon Musk’s sleeping patterns, Omarosa’s booby traps, and revisiting The Joy Luck Club.

Elon Musk looking up at a bright light.
No, Elon, you want darkness! Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Join the club: With the release of Crazy Rich Asians this weekend, Inkoo Kang revisits The Joy Luck Club, a modest box-office success but much-derided film among Asian Americans. Kang argues that it’s time to give the film another chance.

Zzzz: What did Felix Salmon learn from Elon Musk’s emotional interview with the New York Times? Sleep deprivation is a bad, bad thing.

The better reality star: Should we be … praising Omarosa? Isaac Chotiner asks the Times’ Michelle Goldberg about why this real-life soap opera is significant. At the very least, Lili Loofbourow argues, she’s got the White House right where she wants it.

Who?: A new column from Who? Weekly podcasters Lindsey Weber and Bobby Finger digs into the demi-celebrities who stagger on the cusp of fame. The first Wholebrity up for scrutiny is Bebe Rexha.

For fun: Who is Ariana Grande’s song “Pete Davidson” about?

Grande gave her own take,