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Did Trump Color an American Flag Wrong During a Photo-Op With Ohio Kids?

President Donald Trump colors in an American flag while children seated around him look on and color.
President Donald Trump colors in an American flag during a tour of Nationwide Children’s Hospital on Friday in Columbus, Ohio. Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump visited children at a hospital in Columbus, Ohio, as part of an effort to call attention to the way the opioid crisis affects infants. Plus, it’s always a good idea to have a photo-op with kids at the end of a no good, very bad week. For politicians it’s “a time-honored tradition,” writes Esquire, “sitting in tiny desks alongside adorable kids in hope that the guileless innocence on the little faces surrounding them will take some of the heat off of their craven politicking.”

Yet things didn’t go so well for Trump this time. The president and his wife joined the children in an arts-and-crafts activity that involved coloring in the American flag. But it seems Trump didn’t quite color his flag right. A photo posted on Twitter seems to show that the president colored in a blue stripe on the U.S. flag.

The initial picture was taken from a tweet from Alex Azar, the secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services. But then the Twitter user who publicized the image tweeted another photo that appears to show the resident holding a blue marker to the paper.

Twitter obviously went crazy with the apparent revelation that the man who repeatedly criticizes NFL players for their supposed lack of respect for the American flag doesn’t even know how to color one in. Some even suggested maybe he got confused and was trying to color in the Russian flag.