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The Angle: Arizona Future Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Kelli Ward, Lyme in New England, and ancestry tests.

Arizona voters make their way to a polling place.
Arizona voters make their way to a polling place to cast their vote in the state’s primary on Tuesday in Phoenix.
Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Her state now: Even if Kelli Ward doesn’t win the Arizona senatorial primary today, she and her Trump-supporting Republican comrades have changed the game in the late John McCain’s state, Jim Newell writes. And they’ve done it in just a few years’ time.

Their remit: Internal conflict at the ACLU over whether to defend the NRA shows how the organization is changing, Mark Joseph Stern writes: “Those who favor standing up for the marginalized—while letting the powerful fight their own battles—seem to be winning.”

Don’t believe it: Commercial DNA tests, and their confident proclamations about ethnicity and ancestry, are reinforcing dangerous and inaccurate ideas that separate us from each other, John Edward Terrell writes.

Why I got Lyme: Jim Harding, a forestry professor, explains why Wall Street acquisition of forests in the Northeast, and the subsequent lack of management, may have encouraged the conditions that help ticks thrive.

For fun: Time to wedding-shame!

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