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With Weeks of Experience Sitting Next to Anderson Cooper, Michael Avenatti Now Thinks He Should Probably Be President

Michael Avenatti speaks to media as he exits a federal courthouse in New York City.
Don’t look now, Michael Avenatti wants to be president too.
Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

It was only a matter of time really. Power corrupts. And sitting that close to Anderson Cooper for that long corrupts absolutely. How could Michael Avenatti not think he was ready for the presidency? Coop asks him earnest questions about *America*, like, every night now. Mix in the MSNBC appearances. Boom. President Avenatti. The telegenic lawyer that did well by his client, former porn star Stormy Daniels, as much with his ability to keep her case on air as with his legal acumen somehow morphed into the People’s Lawyer, America’s Lawyer. Avenatti is now busy each night stubbing his finger in the eye of the rich and powerful, even if only rhetorically, on behalf of immigrants, parents, and sane people living in an insane world. And, to be honest, it felt good sometimes. A relief even. Entertaining certainly. Thanks for that, man. But let’s get serious.

It’s unclear if Avenatti himself is serious. A self-promoter of Trumpian proportions, he took to Twitter on July 4th to casually drop that if the Democrats didn’t buck up and pick someone good to run against Trump, he might just have to do it himself.

And suddenly his tweets went from this:

To this:

Jobs? You believe in being tough on trade? Good note. Anything else you’d like to get off your chest?

Wait. Is this really happening? The 47-year-old lawyer that exudes a consigliere with a heart vibe quickly addressed the Trump-sized elephant in the room.

To be clear, the logic goes: The president’s an unqualified joke! Don’t count me out, being an unqualified joke is a political asset! Whatever happened to just getting your own talk show after your 15 minutes of fame were up? Everybody just skips that step and goes straight to being president nowadays?

Let me be the second to say: #Basta.