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Extremely, Extremely Scandal-Plagued EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt Has Resigned

Scott Pruitt, seen in profile on the right side of the frame with a presidential seal imprinted on what appears to be a tarp behind him.
Scott Pruitt at the White House on Wednesday.
Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty Images

Per a presidential tweet, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt—who was involved in so many corruption scandals that we called it an “Easter miracle” that he hadn’t already been fired in April, which was several scandals ago—has resigned.

CNN, citing an anonymous administration official, had earlier reported Trump was “inching forward to the tipping point” of pushing Pruitt out, possibly over concerns that the many, many well-documented allegations that Pruitt has abused his power in pursuit of luxury lifestyle perks could be highlighted in election ads by Democrats accusing Trump of having failed to “drain the swamp.” Which is a fair concern—though, incidentally, new acting administrator Andrew Wheeler worked recently as a lobbyist for a coal baron who gave $300,000 to Trump’s sketchy inaugural committee and will be expected to continue a program of corporate-friendly deregulation.

Pruitt’s resignation would seem to exclude the much-rumored possibility—which the now-ex-EPA director reportedly pitched to Trump himself—of his replacing Attorney General Jeff Sessions on an interim basis, presumably to exert influence over the special counsel investigation from which Sessions recused himself. On the other hand, Pruitt’s resignation letter is extremely sycophantic toward Trump and does not admit to any misconduct, and also nothing matters anymore and anything can happen, so who knows?