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The Angle: Dark Future Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on “no means no,” MoviePass, and punishment for abortion.

Woman holds a pro-choice sign at a protest.
Protesting what seems inevitable.
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

It’s coming: If (or when) Roe v. Wade goes away, there’s no chance that the state won’t start punishing women for having abortions, Mark Joseph Stern writes. And the easy availability of misoprostol on the Internet means that many will be punished.

Not me: At the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on family separation on Tuesday, Jeremy Stahl reports, you’d be hard-pressed to find an official willing to take any little tiny bit of blame.

Twisted up: “No means no,” the longtime feminist slogan, has become a way for abusers to wiggle their way out of culpability, Christina Cauterucci writes after the recent news about Les Moonves.

Anatomy of a cock-up: Every random bystander knew that MoviePass had a ridiculous business plan. Felix Salmon figures out just what went wrong.

For fun: Ah, politicians and their kinks.

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