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Winner of Virginia Republican Senate Primary Suggests His Opponent Should Be Jailed

Stewart speaks in front of an array of microphones while wagging his finger.
Corey Stewart in Woodbridge, Virginia on June 13, 2017.
Linda Davidson/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Corey Stewart was born and raised in Minnesota before eventually moving to Virginia, getting into politics, and making the defense of Confederate monuments one of his big political issues. His position—and I am not exaggerating this—is that anyone who wants to take them down is “like ISIS.” In other words, he’s a carpetbagger, but for racism. In 2017 he ran for governor but lost his primary.

Since American politics is a big puke-hole into which more puke is always being dumped, though, Stewart then ran for Senate, and this time he won the primary and will face incumbent Tim Kaine in November. At Stewart’s Tuesday-night victory party, his supporters began a chant of “lock her up!”—her being the uppity she-demon Hillary Clinton—to which he responded by suggesting that Kaine should also go to prison:

“That might just happen, by the way. And Timmy too. Oh, we’re going to have a lot of fun between now and November, folks,” said Stewart. (“Fun” indeed! To be clear, Tim Kaine has not been implicated, as far as I am aware, in even the most ludicrous right-wing claims about Clinton’s criminality.)

Stewart, the Washington Post reports, played “Sweet Home Alabama” at his victory celebration; he has also had to spend a lot of time recently disavowing his past assertion that an extreme-right Wisconsin white supremacist named Paul Nehlen is a “personal hero” to him.

Yes, Stewart’s candidacy is definitely going to be “fun,” here in the puke hole.