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Bad Tweets This Morning

The photo from March 2017 of Trump sitting in the cab of a semi truck outside the White House and yelling.
Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhh Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Well, it’s Monday morning, time to check the new—

Oh, good. (Here is what the 13 Angry and Conflicted Democrats thing is about. Here’s more on the self-pardoning question.)

Trump had to repost that one after initially spelling “Counsel” as “Councel.” Ha ha, the president can’t spell! (As far as the constitutionality of the special counsel, Trump may be referring to an argument that was made before the Supreme Court in 1988—but what he’s not mentioning is that the argument was made unsuccessfully.)

Coming in hot on his father’s trail was Donald Trump Jr., who had this to say about Bill Clinton’s Today show comments about the Monica Lewinsky scandal:

“Balsy,” as in demonstrating the possession of bals.

There was also this:

Soybeans! [Getting angrier] Soybeans!!! [Red-faced, pounding table, spittle flying everywhere] Soybeans!!!

Only five days until Friday!