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In 12,000 Words

Jesse Singal wrote about children who detransition. But did he do his subjects justice?

People don rainbow flags as they take part in a Pride celebration in Nice, France, on Aug. 5, 2017.

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On The Gist, President Donald Trump’s anti-media rhetoric is despicable, but it’s not the first thing to blame for the Capital Gazette shooting.

The Atlantic recently ran a lengthy article about kids who consider the process of gender transition. Many critics took issue with the author’s approach, accusing him of bias and an obsession with trans children. But were his efforts really in bad faith? Alex Barasch wrote a response to the piece for Slate and joins us to add to the debate.

In the Spiel, FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok were sloppy, but their take on Trump was right on the money.

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Correction, July 2, 2018: The headline originally misstated the number of words Mike Pesca says are in Jesse Singal’s cover story in the Atlantic. He says 12,000 words, not 13,000.