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G-7 Hangover

Team Trump’s damage control is as embarrassing as the presidential antics that occasioned it.

Angela Merkel, Donald Trump, and Justin Trudeau
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, U.S. President Donald Trump, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wave during the G-7 summit on Friday in La Malbaie, Canada.

Leon Neal/Getty Images

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On The Gist, if the Trump-Kim summit goes as poorly as the president’s business ventures, we’re doomed.

Maria Konnikova is here to smoke out false claims about cannabidiol, or the CBD oil extracted from cannabis. Can it help with insomnia, depression, and epilepsy? We find out in the latest round of “Is That Bulls—t?” Konnikova is a New Yorker contributor and author of The Confidence Game.

In the Spiel, the White House’s handling of the G-7 fallout was clueless, thin-skinned, and petty. In other words: peak Trumpism.

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