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Major News Outlet Exposes Legitimate George Soros Connection to High-Profile Public Event (the Belmont Stakes)

A horse being washed by two men with a sponge, a bucket, and a hose in front of a white picket fence.
Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Justify at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York on Thursday.
Al Bello/Getty Images

In recent years, George Soros has been accused by right-wing conspiracy theorists of being responsible for developments ranging from the Black Lives Matter movement to the hostile treatment of Republican legislators at town halls. Soros’ connection to these phenomena always turns out to be either innocuous (i.e. he made a publicly disclosed donation to a progressive nonprofit) or nonexistent. Now, however, the New York Times has truly documented a case in which the Jewish, Hungarian-born billionaire investor played a previously unrevealed role in high-profile news events. Unfortunately for the lunatic fringe, however, those events were just horse races:

If the strapping chestnut colt Justify wins the Belmont Stakes on Saturday to become just the 13th horse in history to claim horse racing’s Triple Crown, two of the three groups that have an ownership stake in the horse’s breeding rights will be front and center during the celebration. … A third group, a secretive entity that holds the remaining 15 percent, will remain out of the spotlight because it vigorously avoids any public attention. It is a company controlled by top employees of the billionaire investor George Soros.

Executives at Soros’ investment firm Soros Fund Management, it turns out, also run SF Bloodstock and SF Racing Group, entities that have a financial interest in the studdin’ that Justify will be doing shortly. The Times says (somewhat vaguely) that Soros Fund Management is “behind” SF Bloodstock and Racing Group in a way that makes Soros a part-owner of the horse.

The next step, the newspaper reports, is that Justify’s equine descendants will form an underground horse alliance that will eventually impose Jewish-influenced horse Marxism on the United States by force.

No, not really. [Winks, whispers “yes, really. It’s finally happening. Praise be to our revolutionary vanguard of communist Jewish horses.”]