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Politics “Expert” Chuck Todd Thinks GOP Might Worry About Hypocrisy of Confirming SCOTUS Pick in Election Year

McConnell smiles and looks toward the floor.
Mitch McConnell speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill on March 20, 2018. Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring, leaving an opening on the nation’s highest court in an election year. The last time there was such an opening, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell insisted that no nominee could be considered until after the election:

McConnell’s admirable adherence to this democratic principle incidentally had the effect of leaving the seat open until new Republican President Donald Trump could nominate right-wing judge Neil Gorsuch, who McConnell’s chamber then confirmed.

NBC’s Chuck Todd is the host of Meet the Press, making him arguably the most prestigious political analyst in the country. Here is his take on the new election-year-vacancy situation (the first tweet links to McConnell’s statement above about the voice of the American people):

Chuck, I think they’re going to figure out how to get this done without pulling any muscles! In fact, they’ve already figured it out.

It’s been said before, but many prominent political commentators seem to believe they live in a civics book published in 1993 rather than the world in which a sleazy reality TV/tabloid sex character who won the presidency by being a racist jackass now enjoys the full support of a Republican Party whose top figures had previously condemned him as an ill-informed doofus who was too erratic to be trusted with command of nuclear weapons.

In any case, I look forward to Chuck Todd’s disbelieving tweets about how surprised he is that Republicans voted to confirm Sean Hannity to the Supreme Court!