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The Angle: Richie Rich Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on a week of Laurel and Yanny, “taquiyya,” and the 1 percent.

An activist dressed as 1-percenter and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos joins a protest.
An activist dressed as 1-percenter and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos joins a protest gathering outside the Axel Springer building on April 24 in Berlin. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The rich remain: The Atlantic’s recent cover story rehashes a popular book to make the argument that it’s the 9.9 percent, not the richest among us, who are responsible for the inequality problem in the United States. Jordan Weissmann explains why blaming suburban professional overachievers still isn’t correct.

No luck: No, Mark Joseph Stern writes, Aaron Schlossberg, the racist lawyer caught on tape haranguing immigrant workers in a Manhattan Fresh Kitchen, won’t be disbarred—nor should he be.

New to me: Despite being Muslim, Aymann Ismail first heard of taqiyya—the conspiracy-theory idea that Muslims are permitted, per their religion, to lie to non-Muslims—in 2016. In the latest installment of his video series, he tries to figure out where this concept came from.

One more: I was completely tired of reading about Yanny and Laurel, but this fascinating piece by Pascal Wallisch only starts with an examination of this week’s audio illusion. It’s really about the making of scientific knowledge.

For fun: How to make MLB games even longer.

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