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Washington Bolsters Reputation as NFL’s Most Progressive Team by Launching “Hot or Not” Page for Its Own Cheerleaders

A webpage on which users choose between photos of two cheerleaders by clicking on a flame icon.
Screen shot

Update, 3:37 p.m.: It appears that the team has already disabled the page described below.

Original post, 3:32 p.m.: As you can see above, Washington’s NFL franchise (whose nickname Slate does not use) has come up with a heck of an interactive feature for its website. Yes, you choose which cheerleader is more of a babe by clicking a flame icon. Yes, this is very similar to the infamous FaceMash program that Mark Zuckerberg developed in his dorm room using online “facebook” photos. Yes, “no” is what someone should have said at some point during this project’s conception and execution.

Relatedly, the New York Times reports that the team invited male VIPs to watch cheerleaders conduct a topless photo shoot in 2013, then instructed several of the women involved to accompany the men to a nightclub as, in the newspaper’s words, “personal escorts.”

Frankly, I expected more out of the organization that was once caught lying about whether its general manager’s wife had accused a female ESPN reporter of trading “BJs” for information.