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The Angle: Creature of Our Times Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the canceled summit, Trump’s “animals,” and Richard Liebowitz.

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He found his niche: Justin Peters profiles Richard Liebowitz, the young lawyer who’s been making life hell for digital media companies, and giving their lawyers “ministrokes,” by filing hundreds of possibly frivolous lawsuits on the behalf of photographers whose images have been—maybe, allegedly!—misused.

Huge flail: Is Trump doing some kind of fantastic jiujitsu negotiator move by calling off the proposed summit with Kim Jong-un? Nope, Fred Kaplan writes. The president just has no idea what he’s doing.

Not the right “animals”: MS-13 members aren’t people, Trump has told us, because of what they do. But, Will Saletan points out, the president has no trouble embracing and accepting other people who are violent murderers. They just happen to be dictators.

Back again: Westworld (and The Leftovers, and The Good Place, and a bunch of other shows) are working within a new logic of “Resurrection TV,” Lili Loofbourow writes. How do you handle characters whose deaths mean nothing?

For fun: Watching everything but the ball.

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