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Video Shows Miami Police Officer Taking Running Start to Kick Prone, Handcuffed Man in Head

A Miami police officer was suspended with pay Thursday just hours after a resident posted a video in which the officer kicks a facedown, handcuffed suspect in the head after a running start:

Miami police chief Jorge Colina issued a statement about the incident via Twitter:

The resident who posted the video, Lisa Harrell, told the Miami New Times that the incident took place in Miami’s (historically black) Overtown neighborhood. A local ABC station identified the officer as a two-year-force veteran named Mario Figueroa and says that a police report accuses the victim/suspect, 31-year-old David Vladim Suazo, of fleeing from officers after being spotted in a vehicle that was reported stolen. The arrest report claims that Suazo turned toward officers in a “fighting stance” at one point during the pursuit but does not mention that he was kicked after being handcuffed.