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Chris Gethard Can’t Fake It

The impresario of The Chris Gethard Show explains his philosophy of entertainment: Be a little more real.

Chris Gethard at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 27 in California.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

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On Tuesday’s Gist, Roseanne gets run out on a rail.

Comedian Chris Gethard reflects on how things have changed for his madcap live show, starting from its days on a public access channel to its current home on TruTV. “It’s more a TV show than it’s ever been, the larger platforms that we get to,” says Gethard. “But … it’s me, it’s really me and I’m letting my guard down.” The season finale of The Chris Gethard Show airs Tuesday on TruTV.

In the Spiel, assessing the damage done to a famous Russian painting.

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