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Alabama Congressional Candidate Will Give Away an AR-15 at Random to Celebrate the Second Amendment

Two AR-15 rifles, along with other assorted guns
Rhona Wise/Getty Images

A congressional candidate in Alabama and longtime aide to former Senate candidate Roy Moore declared his love of the Second Amendment by announcing on Tuesday that he would give away an AR-15 rifle to a random stranger in a fun Memorial Day drawing.

“Get a Free AR-15 for freedom!” he declares on his website.

Rich Hobson, who was chief of staff of Moore’s failed campaign, made the argument that those opposing gun regulation were too shy about every family’s need to own a good gun. In fact, he argues, every family should specifically own an AR-15.

“In the modern debate over our Second Amendment rights, too often, the defenders of that amendment stress rights for hunters and sportsmen,” he says on his website. “But the Second Amendment’s language points to a greater burden of every household to be prepared to defend this country if necessary. Because of that, I believe that it is right and proper for every family in the country to own an AR-15 Defense Rifle.”

All that Hobson requires is a name, address, phone number, and email address. A sporting-goods retailer will handle background checks and other requirements under federal law. The name will be drawn on Memorial Day because “[i]t seems only fitting that we would do so on the day that we use to honor those who died defending our freedom.”

He made the announcement during a time of plenty for campaign stunts: Tuesday was also the day that a Georgia gubernatorial candidate announced he was starting a “Deportation Bus Tour” featuring a bus that warned of “murderers, rapists, kidnappers, child molesters, and other criminals on board.”