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Old Man Yells at Country

The president did a big TV interview today on Fox & Friends! Let’s see what he talked about, as far as the issues facing our nation are concerned.


A lot to digest there! (Thanks to Matt Gertz of Media Matters for flagging this particular rant.) The transcript:

TRUMP: People have to understand how dishonest the news is. And in all fairness to Fox, you guys don’t always treat me great. But you treat me fairly. It’s not like Fox is perfect for me. They’re not! They’re tough. But at least it’s fair. When you look at some of the others, you look at like a CNN, they’ll have a council of seven people [audibly becoming enraged] and of the seven people, every one of them is against me! I’m saying, where do they even find these people?

BRIAN KILMEADE: I’m not your doctor, Mr. President, but I would recommend you watch less of them.

TRUMP: I don’t watch them at all! I watched last night, I tell you what. I watched leaking lying Comey last night [Steve Doocy guffaws sycophantically] and I did, I hated to do it, you know, one of the reasons, people say, “You’re still looking good, Mr. President—how do you do it?” [Ed.: No one says this, I hope]

DOOCY: All right—

TRUMP [Barreling onward like an out-of-control tractor-trailer flying down a mountain in the Sierra Nevada]: Well, one of the things I’ve been able to do, which is something I never thought I had the ability—I would always watch—when I was, now, frankly I don’t have time, for two reasons—there’s too much, and I don’t have time. But I would watch, whether it’s good or bad, I would always watch. I have an ability, I don’t watch NBC any more, they’re as bad as CNN. I don’t, and by the way, I made them a fortune with The Apprentice! Think of that one! I made them a—

DOOCY: Your alma mater.

TRUMP: No, but I made them a fortune! You would think these guys would treat me great, I made them a fortune, they treat me horribly.


TRUMP: And they treat me falsely! But just one thing. I don’t watch things that I can put it out of my mind. And I never, ever thought that that would be possible. And you know what that does, it keeps you on the ball. You keep your sanity, and it works very well.


AINSLEY EARDHARDT: Mr. President, can I ask one question—

TRUMP: And I did watch a liar leaker [Doocy laughs like a dumbass again] and his performance, by the way, was horrible, and I will say this, Anderson Cooper was surprisingly tough, and he did a good job.

The most recent question that the hosts had asked before this started, incidentally, was “Can you give us any more information on the one-on-one that Mike Pompeo had with Kim Jong-un?” Which led into something Chuck Todd had said on Meet the Press about North Korea, and then onward to whatever.

“People say, ‘You’re still looking good, Mr. President—how do you do it?’ ” —the president.