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New York Farmer Says ICE Raided His Property Without a Warrant, Handcuffed Him, and Took His Phone When He Complained

Here’s what Syracuse, New York–area farmer John Collins told that “at least seven” armed Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents did on Wednesday morning:

• Entered a building on his property without a warrant while wearing plain clothes and failing to verbally identify themselves as law enforcement agents.

• Arrested a farm employee named Marcial de Leon Aguilar who, according to Collins, has “proper documentation,” has been paying taxes on his wages, and has been voluntarily meeting with ICE to discuss the cases of his wife and children—who entered the U.S. without documents but are seeking asylum due to dangerous conditions in their native Guatemala.

• Detained Aguilar by physically confronting and restraining him while his children, who were waiting for a school bus, were watching.

• Handcuffed Collins and threw his phone on the ground when he began recording video of the situation.

As you can see above, Collins does not exactly fit the stereotype of the bleeding heart leftist amnesty snowflake. ICE has not commented on his account.