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Kanye West’s Trump Tweets Have the Right Wing Feeling Pretty Much Vindicated About Everything

Kanye West and Donald Trump yucking it up at Trump Tower Dec. 13, 2016 in New York.
Kanye West and Donald Trump yucking it up at Trump Tower on Dec. 13, 2016, in New York. Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images

Conservative media and conservative people had a bit of sugar high in response to the Kanye-Trump lovefest on Twitter on Wednesday. Here’s a sampling of what the Kanye West–initiated back-and-forth looked like:

The exchange prompted just about every single right-wing outlet and commentator to take a self-validating political deep dive into the hip-hop star’s praise. What did they find? That they were right, about most things, but most importantly about race in America. “West’s tweets could expose his vast audience to conservative arguments with which it is largely unfamiliar,” Rafael Mangual wrote in a piece on “West may be dismissed as an eccentric—and his newfound rhetoric may or may not prove short-lived—but if even only a few of his many fans reject the victimhood narrative as a result and accept that personal responsibility illuminates the path to excellence, then it will be to the good.”

For those watching or reading Fox News that might need a quick primer on who exactly Kanye West is again and why he is so chummy with the president, put together a nifty retrospective on the pair titled: “Trump and Kanye West’s Relationship Through the Years: From Friends to ‘Brothers.’ ”

Chance the Rapper’s response to Kanye’s Twitter activity, and presumably the backlash on the left, only upped the giddiness on the right.

Breitbart framed the Chance development this way: “Dam Breaking? Another Rapper Stands Up to Leftist Mob.” The site went all in on the tweets and their response:

“Don Jr. Applauds Chance the Rapper: ‘Takes Guts’”

“Kanye: Break the Internet”

“Obama Was in Office Eight Years and Nothing in Chicago Changes”

“Kim Kardashian West Defends Kanye as a ‘Free Thinker’”

“Kanye on Trump: “We Are Both Dragon Energy. He Is My Brother.”

Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka was deeply impressed.

He wasn’t alone:

Quite a day in the Life of Kanye.