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Jury Finds Bill Cosby Guilty of Three Counts of Sexual Assault

Bill Cosby.
Photo edited by Slate. Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images.

A jury has found Bill Cosby guilty in the retrial of a sexual assault case against him.

During the trial, Cosby was portrayed as a predator by the prosecution and by the defense as the wealthy victim of a framing by a “pathological liar.”

Andrea Constand, a former Temple University women’s basketball administrator, accused Cosby of drugging and molesting her in 2004 at his Philadelphia mansion. During the trial, five other women testified that something similar had happened to them.


Cosby’s defense team contended that the encounter between Cosby and Constand was consensual, and they suggested that the incident occurred earlier than Constand said, meaning it would fall outside the statute of limitations. A Temple employee testified that Constand once told her that she could make money by falsely accusing a celebrity.

Cosby, now 80, faces up to 30 years in prison for the three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

His first trial, which concluded in June 2017, ended after six days of deliberation with a deadlocked jury. A Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, jury composed of seven men and five women, mostly white, was then tasked with making the decision. The jury was sequestered in a hotel during the two weeks of testimony.

Dozens of women have come forward to accuse Cosby of sexual misconduct. Constand’s was the only case to lead to a criminal prosecution.