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John Legend Gently Explaining Civil Rights–Related Party Realignment to Kanye Is the Most Relatable Thing a Celebrity Has Ever Done

Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Kanye West, and John Legend.
John Legend (right) and Kanye West pose with Rick Ross and Chris Brown at the Grammys in 2015.
Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS

Kanye West has been engaging in a journey of rightward political self-discovery in real time on Twitter for several days now. Earlier on Monday, this manifested itself in a screenshot of a text exchange about the hoariest of hoary Civil Rights Argument 101 talking points, “Lincoln Was a Republican”:

A rebuttal was shortly presented by musician, activist, and sometime Slate contributor John Legend, who had engaged Kanye in similar fashion last week about pro-Trump material. We know this because Kanye is tweeting all of their conversations to his 28 million followers:

Truly, we—and by “we,” I mean the kind of people who read articles, and even sometimes books, about history and politics—have all been there, in discussions with the proverbial otherwise-beloved uncle or in-law who has seized ahold of an isolated, miscontextualized factoid being deployed for reactionary purposes at a morning-zoo-DJ level of analysis.

The cheerful exclamation point after “Not trying to manipulate your free thought. Trying to inform it!” is what really seals it. You can practically hear the effort at positivity and patience seeping through the iMessage screenshot.

Needless to say, America also thanks Charlamagne tha God for his contributions.