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The House Intelligence Committee’s Big Russia Report Looks Like a Mimeographed 1980s-Era High School Abstinence Pamphlet

A page of the House Intel Committee's blurry Russia report.
Good enough for government work!
Screen shot

The Republican-led House Intelligence Committee has released a full report on the controversially Trump-friendly findings of its investigation into Russian electoral interference. We’ll have more on the content of the report later, but for now, can we all agree in bipartisan fashion that Congress should be able to do better than this in terms of PDF quality?

I mean:

A blurry black and white image of a building labeled "Headquarters of Russia's Internet Research Agency."

Great illustration! Really sets the scene.

Also, this is a good page:

The page is a giant block of redacted text.

House Intelligence Committee: Please ask someone who is good at computers to print your report for you next time.