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Michael Cohen Worked in 2017 for Trump, the RNC Affair Guy, and One Other Person Who’s Probably Real Nervous Right Now

Michael Cohen in New York City on April 13.
Michael Cohen in New York City on April 13. Yana Paskova/Getty Images

Longtime Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen is scheduled to appear in court Monday before a judge who will be hearing arguments about how to determine whether certain material seized from Cohen by federal prosecutors is protected by attorney-client privilege. One question germane to this issue is how much of Cohen’s work—given that he’s also known for brokering business deals, acting as a Trump spokesman, and doing under-the-radar public-relations fixing—involves the actual dispensation of legal advice and services. The government argues that very little of what Cohen does is actual lawyerin’; he’s attempting to prove otherwise. Part of this argument involves submitting information about his clients. Apparently he has three of them:

You may remember Broidy’s name coming up last week because Cohen negotiated a non-disclosure agreement for him with a Playboy model who says she had an abortion after being impregnated by Broidy during a period in which he was paying her to have sex. (Broidy, who is married, called the affair a “consensual relationship” and has not acknowledged paternity.) More:

LOL, you think? Somewhere out there, at this exact moment, a guy is thinking very, very hard about the best way to break some delicate news to his wife.