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The Angle: When Dogs Fly Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on mitigating plane conflicts, Stephen Hawking’s other legacy, and culinary misappropriation.

Sunny, pet dog of US President Barack Obama and his family, boards Air Force One at Cape Cod Air Force Station in Massachusetts on August 21, 2016 as the Obamas depart for Washington after a two-week holiday at nearby Martha's Vineyard.
Sunny surely had her own seat aboard Air Force One. NICHOLAS KAMM/Getty Images

When dogs fly: United Airlines recently came under fire after a strange debacle in which a dog that had been placed in an overhead bin died. Jeff Friedrich offers some tips from pilots about what you can do if you’re put in a similarly uncomfortable situation on a flight.

Bragging wrongs: On Wednesday, Donald Trump bragged about bullshitting his way through a meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and also insisted that the U.S. currently runs a trade deficit with Canada. Jordan Weissmann breaks down how, “as usual, Trump is incorrect.”


Stephen Hawking, R.I.P.: Alex Barasch points out how, in addition to his contributions to science, the physicist will be remembered for his activism for disability rights.

Foodie backlash: What happens when chefs try to create “customizable kimchi” with nontraditional ingredients like kiwi and cactus honey? Twitter piles on. But Inkoo Kang sides with the public shaming: “Guarding cultural borders can be an edifying community-building exercise. Cultures are often slippery at the edges, but they’re also lifelines that inform who we are and where we come from.”

For fun: March Madness officially kicked off today. Here’s what you can say instead of, “My bracket is busted.”

“I’ve disappointed Benoît Mandelbrot,”