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Stormy Daniels Sues Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen for Defamation in Today’s Edition of News Cycle Theater

Michael Avenatti's website, which features a glamour photo of him and the phrase "If you can't take a punch, you don't belong in the ring."
Michael Avenatti has a great website.

It has been observed that Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, has a Trump-esque capacity for doing or saying exactly one thing every day that’s just surprising/outrageous enough that his name never leaves the news cycle. Speaking of which, here’s what happened Monday afternoon at about the time that stories about Daniels’ Sunday appearance on 60 Minutes were fading from relevance:

LOL. Daniels/Avenatti are specifically accusing Cohen of implying that Daniels is a liar when he said on Feb. 13, referring to her allegations, that “just because something isn’t true doesn’t mean it can’t cause you harm or damage.” Daniels/Avenatti’s filing—which was added as an amendment to their existing suit against Trump and Cohen—doesn’t mention that a lawyer representing Cohen said Monday that Daniels made false statements about Cohen on 60 Minutes, but I’m told by our crack legal affairs staff that such material could be used to supplement their case. (I’m also told that their claim as delineated in the suit is pretty thin given how vague and hedged Cohen’s “just because something isn’t true” statement is. But winning cases on the merits isn’t necessarily Avenatti’s only goal; creating such a neverending PR headache for Trump/Cohen that they drop all their own legal actions against Daniels would also be a positive result for him.)