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Trump’s Lawyer Quit

John Dowd in New York City in 2011.
John Dowd in New York City in 2011. Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Donald Trump’s lawyer John Dowd quit.

Dowd was Trump’s lead personal lawyer for Russia/Mueller stuff; the other Trump-related lawyers you’ve likely heard about in the news, Don McGahn and Ty Cobb, technically work for the White House rather than Trump personally. POTUS also still retains the legal services of Jay Sekulow, who seems to act as more of a pundit/spokesman for Trump than an attorney, and Joseph diGenova, who Trump hired earlier this week and who has asserted on Fox News that Robert Mueller and the Deep State have conspired to frame the president.

But, anyway, apparently Trump got tired of Dowd telling him not to run his mouth at the same time that Dowd got tired of telling Trump not to run his mouth, more or less. So Dowd quit.

He’s done. He’s out!

More of Trump’s lawyers will probably quit, in the future.