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Trump Sends Out Three-Year-Old Tweet From Sandy Hook Truther About How It’s OK to Be a Black Republican

Donald Trump at a listening session with survivors of the Parkland shooting.
Donald Trump at a listening session with survivors of the Parkland shooting. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It’s a day of the week, so the president of the United States is tweeting. Here’s what Trump sent out on Saturday:

The tweet that Trump was flagging here was from Nov. 7, 2014, days after that year’s midterm election.

Which begs the question of how he surfaced it. Did he just remember that really good tweet from Wayne Dupree from 2014? If so, why did he send it out with the message touting the “lowest black unemployment in history” as if it happened today? Did somebody else send it to him today, making him think it was today because he never bothered to look at the timestamp? Did his social media assistant Dan Scavino surface it for the commander in chief and not tell him when it was from?

So many questions.

Perhaps the biggest question of all is who is Wayne Dupree, the man Trump so affectionately refers to by his first name alone?

Think Progress reports that Dupree is a conspiracy theorist radio host who promoted the notion that grieving parents during the Sandy Hook massacre were actually “crisis actors” hired to promote the New World Order agenda of imposing gun control.

Here are some of the highlights from Dupree’s work:

“On and before December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook was infested with espionage operatives. These operatives posed as the incredible, primarily parents,” Dupree wrote in January, 2013 shortly after the elementary school massacre that left 20 children between the ages of six and seven dead.

Of another set of parents interviewed on CNN, Dupree wrote this: “With two real children involved, it this were real, they would be real and would be with their children, consoling them, not promoting the New World Order agenda of total control, including the control of children’s minds.”

As Think Progress also noted, Dupree has attacked the student survivors of last week’s Parkland massacre who have spoken up in recent days about a desire for new gun laws.

On Thursday, Trump himself went in the direction of a now popular right-wing conspiracy theory that the student survivors and activists are actually paid “crisis actors.”

He tweeted a suggestion that Wednesday’s CNN Town Hall where some of these activists confronted political figures and local leaders about the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and this nation’s gun policies was scripted.

It turned out that the student in question had been shopping a doctored email to claim that CNN was censoring him.

If his elevation of Dupree and historic affiliation with Alex Jones is any indication, Trump is more likely to move further in the direction of an anti–Parkland student conspiracy theory than to ever actually correct the record on any of this.