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Thumbs Up! President Trump Congratulates Everyone for Their Hard Work During Another Mass Shooting.

President Donald Trump gives a thumbs-up on his way to Florida to congratulate everyone for their hard work.
President Donald Trump gives a thumbs-up on his way to Florida to congratulate everyone for their hard work. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

The nation breathed a sigh of relief on Friday night as President Donald Trump arrived in Florida to give local first responders the presidential “thumbs up” for their hard work during Wednesday’s mass shooting. The commander-in-chief wasted no time assessing the situation: His motorcade left Palm Beach International airport at 5:42 pm local time, and less than an hour and a half later, he had already finished meeting with victims of the shooting. That’s impressively fast, even before considering that the hospital is more than thirty miles from the airport! No wonder he and Melania were all smiles in the thumbs-up pictures he posted to Twitter:

Besides learning everything he could from the surviving victims of alleged AR-15 enthusiast Nicholas Cruz in less time than it’d take to watch The Basketball Diaries, the astonishingly efficient president also found time to congratulate the hospital staff on their amazing accomplishments during the school shooting. “The job they’ve done is incredible, and I want to congratulate you,” President Trump told one of the trauma surgeons, who works at a hospital that received eight victims from the Parkland shooting. Then it was time for another official thumbs up.

Most presidents would have rested after taking two thumbs up photos after a mass shooting, but President Trump is not most presidents. So instead of calling it a night, he traveled to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office, where he assured the law enforcement officials who have spent the last few days dealing with a school shooting that they’d set the entire nation abuzz:

What a great job you’ve done, and we appreciate it very much. An incredible job, and everybody’s talking about it. … What a job you’ve done, and the doctors did a great job over at the hospital—a combination which is incredible. And I hope you’re getting the credit for it. Because, believe me, you deserve it.

Talk is cheap, but President Trump backed up his praise with definitive action, deploying the presidential thumbs up for the third time that evening. Way to accentuate the positive, Mr. President! By 9:28 pm, just under four hours after touching down at the airport, the President had returned to the private club where he often spends his weekends. But his night was far from over: He and the First Lady were later spotted at a Studio 54-themed disco party at Mar-a-Lago, presumably mourning Parkland’s slaughtered schoolchildren. A photo of their visit used to be on the Instagram account of user @gopgirlseanbianca, but has since been removed. The caption, which seems to indicate some awareness that going straight from the school shooting aftermath to a Studio 54 Party at Mar-a-lago was a little tasteless, read:

Fun at Mar-a-lago’s Studio 54. Look who’s in the background. Please take note the President did NOT dance. He and the First Lady were there for a short time but neither was dancing around as one should have expected. Their mood was somber and they were there for a very short time. #FLOTUS #POTUS #Maralago

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown! Although President Trump did not respond to a question about gun control during his visit to the hospital, there’s no doubt he’s taking the latest incident of mass murder very seriously, even beyond the traditional step of congratulating everyone involved. Reportedly, he’s even cancelled a round of golf out of respect for the dead. Thumbs up!

Update, Feb. 28, 2018: The photos in this article have been updated.