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The Angle: Trundle-Tail Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Cavs’ big moves, John Perry Barlow, and Shakespeare’s influences.

A statue of William Shakespeare's Hamlet character.
Thinking about those who came before.
Jack Taylor/Getty Images

Drawing from the deep: Recently, academics using software invented to detect plagiarism discovered a new source for the language in some of Shakespeare’s plays. The news should serve to remind us that the writer’s genius didn’t come out of nowhere, Isaac Butler writes.

R.I.P.: John Perry Barlow, whose ideas, April Glaser writes, pointed the way to an internet that prizes individual freedom for some while allowing other injustices to thrive.

Mea culpa: Jordan Weissmann knows that Amazon delivering Whole Foods groceries to his door is terrible for our economic ecosystem. Jordan Weissmann will rejoice and use the service often, even so.

One if by land: The Cleveland Cavaliers just carried out some bonkers disruption of their roster, all to please LeBron James. Much to my dismay, Jack Hamilton thinks it’ll all be for naught.

For fun: Good gloves or bad?

Good gloves,