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Walkway Suddenly Collapses in Indonesia Stock Exchange, Sending Dozens Crashing into Lobby Below

It was a scary scene Monday inside the Indonesia Stock Exchange in Jakarta when a suspended walkway collapsed sending dozens of people crashing down into a lobby area below. A Jakarta police official told CNN at least 77 people were taken to the hospital to treat mostly minor injuries from incident.

A large number of Indonesian university students were on the balcony-like walkway when it collapsed in the Tower Two lobby.

“Valentina Simon, head of Institutional Relations at the exchange, told CNN the collapse happened at around 12:30 p.m. local time. She described the lobby as an open space where tourists would gather, and buy drinks and snacks from a coffee shop on the ground floor,” CNN reported. “The lobby was crowded at the time of the collapse, just after people had finished lunch.”

Indonesian officials have not announced what caused the collapse.

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