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There’s a Typo on Tickets for Trump’s First State of the Union. Obviously.

Typo in the tickets for Trump's first State of the Union.
D’oh. U.S. House of Representatives

Donald Trump’s first State of the Union is set for Tuesday night because he’s the president. To go to the extraordinary event, friends and family of legislators need tickets. Many of these tickets contained a gnarly typo—“State of the Uniom.” Ouch. Even the color of the ticket paper resembles a shambolically spelled Trump tweet.

The deep state strikes again this time in the form of the Office of the Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper, which is in charge of printing the tickets. New tickets were reissued Monday to the Sergeant at Arms’ office.

There were a number of jokes made on the internet about the snafu.

It wasn’t America’s most creative hour really.