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Progressives Split on Whether Democrats Made a Savvy Deal or Are Craven, Spineless Failures

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer at the Capitol on Monday.
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer at the Capitol on Monday. Drew Angerer/Getty Images

A decisive majority of Senate Democrats agreed Monday to end the partial government shutdown that had entered its third day. The deal they voted through funds government operations for three weeks but also funds the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which was in danger of running out of money altogether, for six years. The Dems also say that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has agreed to bring DACA legislation to the floor for debate and voting no later than Feb. 8.

Was this a clever way of ending a shutdown they would have been blamed for while securing children’s health coverage and bringing DACA—a subject on which Democrats have public support when it’s polled in isolation—one step closer to a vote? Or was it an absurdly early capitulation in which the party betrayed its moral obligation to Dreamers in return for nothing more than a flimsy agreement with an unreliable partner so not to look as if they were hurting the military? Progressives online, even some with similar ideological priors who generally tend to agree with each other, are truly split.

Team This Is Bad:

(Greenberg works for the grassroots activism group Indivisible; here is some context on the weekend’s women’s marches.)

(Aronoff writes for the leftist investigative sites In These Times and The Intercept.)

(Beutler works with a number of Obama alums at Crooked Media.)

(Osita writes for, uh, Slate.)

Team No, It’s Fine:

(Paul Krugman is Paul Krugman.)

(To be clear, Fuller—a left-leaning congressional reporter at HuffPost—is predicting that McConnell will in fact call up a bipartisan DACA bill, and that it will pass.)

(Also a Slate writer. Sorry.)

(Levitz is an avowed advocate of Sanders/Warren–style progressivism at New York magazine.)

(Stoller is a leftist economics writer who’s been very critical of the Obama administration.)

Team It’s Neither:

(Edwards-Levy is a polling expert for HuffPost.)

In summary, the deal is either a clever way to protect children or augurs the heat death of the Earth—and we’re going to do this all again in three weeks. Politics!