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Trump Responds to NYC Bombing by Complaining That the New York Times Says He Watches Too Much TV

Donald Trump in Jackson, Mississippi.
Donald Trump in Jackson, Mississippi on Saturday. Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

On Monday morning, several injuries were reported after an explosive device went off in New York City’s Port Authority bus terminal; the device was apparently strapped to a 27-year-old man who is now in custody. The incident is being considered an attempted terror attack, and the president responded swiftly by … uh …

Indeed, it appears that POTUS is ignoring today’s national security news because he is fuming about a weekend New York Times story that reported that his primary occupation as president is reading and responding to the little headlines that scroll along the bottom of cable news programs.

As the National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar pointed out, Trump may have had the Times story on the brain because he was … watching cable news:

Of course, whining about Don Lemon is preferable to the president’s usual methods of responding to terror attacks, namely spreading urban legends and gloating about the validation of his complaints about Muslims.

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