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Roy Moore’s Brother Says Doug Jones Will Pay for What He’s Done in the Afterlife

Roy Moore rides his horse "Sassy" to a polling station in Gallant, Alabama on Tuesday.
Roy Moore rides his horse “Sassy” to a polling station in Gallant, Alabama on Tuesday.
Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

Sometimes, a relatively normal family will have one child who’s a bit off the wall. He gets in trouble; he wrecks the car; he drops out of college because he wants to start his own business, but it turns out the business is selling swords online. This kind of person is known as a “black sheep.”

One would think, given Roy Moore’s record—being removed from office in ignominy both times he was elected to the Alabama Supreme Court, reportedly being banned from a mall for creeping out teenage girls, becoming the first Republican in 25 years to lose a Senate race in Alabama—that he is the “black sheep” of the Moore family.

This appears not to be the case:

Jerry Moore has explained previously that he believes the Democratic Party is paying the women who have accused his brother of behaving inappropriately with teenage girls; he says the women will also have to “answer to God.” A lot for God to keep track of out there tonight.

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