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Republican Sen. Jeff Flake Donates $100 to Roy Moore’s Democratic Challenger Doug Jones

On Tuesday, outgoing Arizona Senator Jeff Flake crossed party lines to donate to Roy Moore’s Democratic challenger in the Alabama Senate race, Doug Jones. Flake posted a picture of the $100 check on Twitter with the caption “Country over Party.” The donation by a sitting Republican Senator to a Democrat vying to take a Republican seat in a Dec. 12th special election caused, as you can imagine, quite a stir online.

The two candidates reactions—or their public Twitter reactions—were themselves quite telling about the state-of-play in the race and each side’s mood.

Judge Roy Moore, as you might have expected, took the God-like road and initiated the end of days Democrat-might-win-in-Alabama fundraising protocol.

Long shot Democrat Doug Jones gave a more earnest I’m-just-happy-to-be-here response: “Thanks.”

Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse gave a very Ben Sasse response. That is, the words sound pretty good going into your ears, but once they hit your brain, it’s like, what?

Quite a rousing call from the Nebraska Senator… to do nothing at all.

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