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The Angle: Chugging Along Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Obamacare’s resilience, a painless diabetic device, and Pence’s skill for flattery.

Pence is far too good at flattering the president.

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It lives: Despite the Trump administration’s best efforts to kill the plan, it looks like Obamacare is still chugging along—8.8 million Americans enrolled this year, down from 9.2 million last year. “This is all a reminder,” writes Jordan Weissmann, “that the ACA, for all its flaws, also created a weirdly resilient insurance market.”

Fawn, much?: Line by line, Katy Waldman breaks down Wednesday’s White House Cabinet meeting, in which Vice President Pence exhibited his acute skill for flattering the president.


A new sweet technology: It’s often difficult, messy, and expensive for diabetics to track their own glucose levels, but Jacob Brogan tested out a new device that mostly eliminates the usual finger-stick test. The experience was surprisingly pleasant: “It’s hard to overstate how engaging the system is to use, most of all because it left me feeling involved in what was happening to my body.”

One good thing: Mark Joseph Stern praises Trump’s decision to commute Sholom Rubashkin’s “draconian and constitutionally defective” sentence.

For fun: How did Luke Skywalker pull off that incredible Force trick in The Last Jedi? Marissa Martinelli asked a physicist. (Beware spoilers, obviously!)

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