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The Angle: Male Apologies Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on male entitlement in film, racist letters about protesting athletes, and dog sweaters.

No, this is not the first Year of the Woman.

Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

All year, every year: Some have jumped to call 2017 “The Year of the Woman.” Lila Thulin reviews the eight(!) previous years someone tried to anoint that distinction.

No more excuses: Inkoo Kang dissects how some recent movies by male filmmakers—including Mother! and Phantom Thread—seem to recognize that they can no longer excuse artistic narcissism and misogynistic exploitation by their male characters. Still, the women deserve more, Kang writes.

So much for national progress: Brad J. Congelio looks back at letters sent to the president of the International Olympic Committee in 1968 about John Carlos and Tommie Smith, the American sprinters who raised their black-gloved fists at that year’s Olympic Games. Not surprisingly, many of the racist complaints echo those we hear about former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick today.

Fatherly love: As part of this year’s Music Club, Julianne Escobedo Shepherd recaps her favorite love songs: the ones written by dads for their kids.

For fun: You don’t need another excuse, but yes, for some breeds, it’s OK to put that cute sweater on your dog.

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