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You Will Laugh at How Small an Amount of Marijuana This Is, but a Football Player Got Arrested for It

We can laugh about this because the charges against the player in question—University of Georgia starting linebacker Natrez Patrick—have been dropped, but we shouldn’t laugh that much because why was he arrested in the first place? The one-billionth of a kilo pictured above wasn’t even his: He was sitting in the passenger seat of a car in which it was found—a car which belonged to his teammate, who told police on the scene that the drugs (if we can even call that micro-micro-micro-quantity “drugs”) weren’t Patrick’s.

In a video released to media last week by the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office, Stanley claimed ownership of the marijuana and is seen pleading with officers to not charge Patrick. “It’s my car. It’s my car, though,” Stanley said in the bodycam footage. “Please hear me out. Please, please, please.”

Yeesh. (And for what it’s worth, Natrez Patrick is black.)


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