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Trump’s Unnerving and Unflattering Animatronic Has Joined the Disney Hall of Presidents

Disney's Hall of Presidents
Disney’s Hall of Presidents

On Tuesday, visitors to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, will officially be able to see our 45th president depicted as a robot, officially taking his place in the Disney Hall of Presidents.

It is, um, quite something.

Visitors were treated Monday afternoon to an early viewing of Donald Trump’s newly unveiled animatronic figure in the 25-minute-long show, a clip of which leaked that same day.

In the video, George Washington kicks things off by introducing the presidential oath of office. Donald Trump’s animatronic then takes over, reciting the oath with a recording made at his swearing in.

The music swells behind him, and he soliloquizes about the “the American spirit.”

In a tone remarkably different from the one in his inaugural address, he speaks of optimism: “Above all, to be American is to be an optimist—to believe that we can always do better—and that the best days of our great nation are still ahead of us.”

His animatronic waves his hands around in a surprisingly Trump-like manner, even if his usual speaking style is subdued. He stands at the front, and almost to the center. His tie is, accurately, too long; his suit, ill-fitting.

People on Twitter were of two minds, either mocking the animatronic for its poor resemblance—and often comparing it to the actor Jon Voight—or relishing its unflattering similarities to the president.

The Hall of Presidents theater closed in January 2016, the Orlando Sentinel reports, and has been renovated with upgraded sound, light, and projection abilities.

Trump had recorded his lines for the scene earlier this year, according to the Sentinel. Every recent president has had a speaking part in the performance.

No word yet on how Trump feels about his robot likeness.

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