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Prominent Conservative Group Seems to Suggest People Named “Weinstein” Are Predisposed to Greed, Thievery

Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA, at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on July 18, 2016.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Turning Point USA is an advocacy group founded by a 24-year-old named Charlie Kirk; its raison d’etre is presenting conservative ideas in a millennial-friendly format. On Wednesday, after a writer named Adam Weinstein criticized/mocked one of its pro-capitalism memes, the group’s Twitter account responded by suggesting that people named “Weinstein” like to put their hands in other peoples’ pockets, if you get their drift:

Screen shot/Twitter

Screen shot/Twitter

Turning Point subsequently deleted the tweet and apologized to Weinstein, making the claim that its joke—which was about putting one’s hand in someone else’s pocket in the context of a tweet about money and “grift”—was not a play on anti-Semitic stereotypes about greed but in fact a reference to Harvey Weinstein.

Hmm. Could be that. Or it could be that, for some reason, right-wing groups currently feel emboldened to use crudely bigoted rhetoric in a way they wouldn’t have a few years ago. One or the other!